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Process for making easy open end canned chili sauce

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Easy open end canned chili sauce is a common condiment on the table.

1. Use fresh, mature red pepper, soak in 5% salt water for 20 minutes to insect repellent. Then wash with clean water 3-5 times, wash the sediment impurities, cut off the pedicle.

2. Per 100 kg of fresh pepper add 1.5kg fresh ginger. Ginger wash, rub to ginger skin, cut into thin slices, and mix with fresh pepper together in crushing machine.

3. Add 8% salt, 0.5% spice powder mix five after bottling, and quantitative weighing.

4. Exhaust gas in the exhaust box or in the steamer. When the temperature of the tin can reach 65 degrees, it should be sealed immediately when hot. Sealing should be extracted by air and vacuum 53328.8pa.

5. Use boiling water sterilization for 10-18 minutes, and then use water bath cooling to below 38 degrees celsius.

6. After cooling dry moisture, into the 25 - degree thermostat box for 5 days and nights. Check no problem and pack the finished product.

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