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Easy open end canned food additives

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Today, easy open end canned food is becoming more and more popular because it is small and convenient, long storage time; even so, but there are still many of its contents of additives on the consumers have doubts, then we in the previous article also explain the canned food is not containing any preservatives added, but for some food need to improve taste or color, food additives and other needs will thus increase the intake amount of all kinds of food delicious, and these food additives are harmless to the human body, but it is helpful to improve the food intake and dosage, strictly in accordance with national food standards.

1. flavor, also known as flavor agent, used to enhance the original flavor of food additives;

2. antioxidant is an effective substance to prevent the bad infection of oxygen, which means the function of delaying the oxidation of food

3. acidity (PH) regulator, used to control the pH of the food material;

4. bleaching agent, can inhibit food discoloration or fade substance;

5. color agent, non pigment added, can protect the food coloring agent and meat color material.

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