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Easy open end canned dried meat floss

Time:2021-5-8 8:38:38 | Visit:

Easy open end canned dried meat floss is a powder which is removed water of with long- preservation and easy to carry. The main nutritional components of dried meat floss is carbohydrate, fat, protein and minerals, low cholesterol, high protein content. Dried meat floss has rich flavor, taste delicious, nourish appetizer, dry soft crisp, easy to digest. In the processing process of dried meat floss, heating can destroy the B vitamins and other nutrients almost no loss. The frying process eliminates a lot of water, while the water is reduced but the nutrients are concentrated. Therefore, the contents of protein and fat were higher than those of lean meat.  Due to the addition of sugar in the processing process, so that the original lean meat content is very low carbohydrate also increased a lot. The dried meat floss heat is much higher than that of meat, and is a high energy food.

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