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Easy open end canned WAKE Drinkd landing Chinese beverage market

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Easy open end canned WAKE Drinks was made from the UK beverage manufacturers listed in the UK in 2014. It is a light carbonated beverage containing natural extracts and Green Tea guarana extract to replenish the body function, and stimulate more vitality without taurine and damage for human nervous system. The caffeine in drinks suits the Asian population and is particularly popular with female consumers. Fresh, mixed berry flavors offer new options for people who love sports.

WAKE Drinks is the capacity for 250m beverage canned. The package has a strong British element and has a British signature rice flag design. The drink is closely associated with many of Britain's best known sports, including racing, cycling, golf, rugby, tennis, sailing, soccer, polo and cricket. WAKE drinks aimed at 25-40 between the ages of millennials, consumers can directly drink or other drinks and collocation.

In the China strategy, WAKE Drinks combines with high-end sports events, through social media to build high-end brands. WAKE Drinks will launch its carbonated drinks in China and each tank 250ML retail price is 25 yuan. Consumers can buy through high-end retail stores such as stadiums, fitness centers, and high-end sporting events.

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