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Quality standard for easy open end canned grapes in syrup

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Easy open end canned grapes in syrup are canned fruits made from grapes. The quality standards of canned grape in syrup include sensory index, physical and chemical index and microbial index.

1. Sensory indicators: color. The grape fruit has a uniform color and transparent syrup, allowing a small amount of pulp crumbs that do not cause turbidity. Taste and odour. It has the taste and odour of peeled grape in syrup, and it is sweet and sour and has no peculiar smell. The shape of the whole fruit without peel, the size is uniform, no insect pests, scars, black spots; fruit particles allow partial rupture, not cooked or excessive, allowing a small amount of seed in syrup. There is no foreign impurity.

2. Physical and chemical indexes: 1. Net weight. The net weight of canned grapes in syrup can be 510 grams per jar, tolerance is allowed to be + 3%, but the average weight per batch may not be less than net weight. Solid content and sugar concentration. Solid 290 g, allowable tolerance + 9%. When the tank is opened, the concentration of sugar in water (as measured by diopter) is 14% to 18%. Content of heavy metal. Per kilogram of contents, tin content is less than 200 mg; copper content is less than 10 mg; lead content is less than 2 mg.

3. Microbial indicators: no pathogenic bacteria and corruption caused by microbial infection.

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